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What does branding mean?

Brand management means developing a brand and accompanying products to bring them on the market. The related corporate culture or corporate identity shall be established as a quality characteristic in the consciousness of the customer.

Corporate Identity, Corporate Design, Corporate Behaviour!
What does that mean?

Almost everybody has already heard of the concept of Corporate Identity. But not many people know what it means. Corporate Identity is the identity of a company itself, which represents it internally and externally and how it is perceived.

The best known aspect of it, is the Corporate design - the public appearance. It encloseses, e.g., logo, note paper and website, but also the acoustic and olfactoric appearance of the enterprise.

Another aspect is Corporate Communication. It includes the companys communication, like advertisement or communication between customer and employee.

Corporate Behavior represents the behaviour of the employees among each other and in proportion to customers.

Furthermore there is also Corporate Philosophy as a reflection of the business and Corporate Culture as the concrete behaviour of the firm.

The enterprise as a person!

Corporate Identity means looking at the company as an acting person. And as a person constantly works on them self and their appearance, a business should also develop itself continuously and represent this outwardly. What use is the newest production technology if the clientele perceives the enterprise as old-fashioned and disorganised?
Hence, enterprise identity is never only superficial beauty care, but a process which encompasses all parts of the enterprise. It is, perhaps, useful to refer to three factors which Wally Olins identified as relevant to Corporate Identity:
1 Affiliation - the company must present itself transparent to the viewer
2 Personality - values and principles must be given clearly and unambiguously
3 Positioning - the enterprise must be distinct from its competitors

What can we do for you?

We can help you analyze the current situation in your firm and its historical origins and inform the restructuring of processes and their outcomes. Furthermore we can work on your Corporate design and parts of your Corporate Communications.
We are at your service with word and deed and can call upon the knowledge of other experts. Furthermore we will support you in developing products matching your Corporate Identity.

What are the costs of branding?

Brand management and design are no one-off expenses. These elements are important parts of business culture and should be maintained and developed constantly. They represent long-term investments in the future of the business!
We can help you with this and do so under reasonable conditions.
We calculate our offers individually at your need in accordance with the guidelines of the AGD Collective Agreement on Fees for Design Services (AGD/SDSt).


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The website of Augenklinik Schlosscarree just had a redesign.
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