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What is design?

Design is, contrary to popular opinion, not just the improvement of the aesthetics of things. Design is a holistic process which optimises the usability, ease of production, environmental compatibility and, of course, the aesthetics of a product. It stamps character on a product; uniqueness in harmony with the philosophy of the manufacturer.

Who needs design?

The professional integration of design into the development process of products and services is of increasing importance in almost all sectors. Already nearly all market leaders in various sectors distinguish themselves by a consistent use of design processes. Design has become a significant factor in today´s business culture, where companies push their character, values and philosophy to the forefront.

What does a designer do?

The designer is an important partner in product development.
Aside from the pure sketching process he researches and compiles basement knowledge of the market, materials and production procedures and advises the engineers on design, ergonomics, environmental compatibility and sustainability.
Furthermore the designer can support the marketing and advise the management on development issues.

When should a designer be consulted?

A designer should be included in the development process of a product as early as possible. In this way he can exert influence through his suggestions and experiences during the early development stages and avoid mistakes. Simplified, it could be said that the earlier a designer is involved, the better the chances of a product are!

What can we do for you?

We can help you in developing products and services. We design capital goods and consumer goods, graphics and printed materials, as well as web pages and interactive presentations. Also we are more than competent in 3-D visualisation and model construction.

How is a product designed?

At the beginning of the development process the designer performs a comprehensive research and analysis on factors such as manufacturers, market situation, available materials and manufacturing methods and cost factors.
Based on these results, the sketching process begins, in which from a huge number of designs, one is selected and specified.
After handing over the accompanying data as a drawing, model and/or 3D file, the designer helps the engineer develop the product from prototypes through prestandard models up to quantity production.
Until the end of the product life cycle the designer can help in marketing and advancing the product.

What are the costs of design?

Brand management and design are no one-off expenses. These elements are important parts of business culture and should be maintained and developed constantly. They represent long-term investments in the future of the business! We can help you with this and do so under reasonable conditions.
We calculate our offers individually at your need in accordance with the guidelines of the AGD Collective Agreement on Fees for Design Services (AGD/SDSt).

What are our references?

You can see our references in our interactive portfolio, or download it as a PDF.


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New website for ophthalmologists

The website of Augenklinik Schlosscarree just had a redesign.
Please visit http://www.augenarztpraxis-schlosscarree.de!

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